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  • TronGuarD
  • TRC10

TGD is the next token for entertaining and betting...

We help investors to develop strategy and road map clearly for getting the product as soon, without skimping on the details. Not just the minimum worth.

Our Feature


Users will be able to participate in polls and create topics on the forum, which the TGD team implements in the interface and exchange life.


The Aplication, Every body can be participate for reading, writing, and other. Every body who instal, read, and write get coin or token, and the other feature that we are delevoping.


The TGD token holders for buyer will receive 90% of TGD all profits. Payments will be made in proportion to your number of tokens

Beta bot

The Bot beta is released to find out participate for betting, which the enthusiasm of the community is very large, then our team will begin to develop into Dapps.

Token Sale

Token Sale

Buy via tronscan official

0.05 TRX/TGD
  • First Feature

private sale

Buy via seedit & contact admin

0.04 TRX/TGD
  • Hot Feature


Q1 2019
Q1 2019

⇒ Concept development team formation

⇒ Bounties, airdrop, and promotions

⇒The initial PRE-ICO sale will start for crowd funded

Q2 2019
Q2 2019

⇒ Release web official  

TGD token privat sale

⇒ Open partnership with other project

⇒ Release benefits for TGD token to buyer

Q3 2019
Q3 2019

⇒ TGD token public sale

⇒ Start developing TGD entertaiment mobile application 

⇒ Beta bot telegram betting for football

⇒ Total remaining tokens of PRE-ICO and ICO left will be burned

⇒ TGD will listed on at least exchange